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Less fertile men are more at risk of cancer

Men with fertility problems are at greater risk of developing prostate cancer. It is suggested by a Swedish study conducted on the parents of about 1.2 million newborns. The researchers examined the data of those who had resorted to assisted reproduction. Thus a higher percentage of cancer cases among less fertile men has emerged.

What is the connection between infertility and prostate cancer? According to the researchers, they could be anomalies on the Y chromosome. Difficulties in conceiving could therefore be an indication of future problems. This could facilitate both the treatment of infertility and the early diagnosis of cancer. When it is man who has difficulty conceiving, we tend to use a treatment called intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection. This involves the direct injection of a sperm into the oocyte and is used among those suffering from severe infertility. Among the study participants who had used this method, the researchers found 64% more chance of getting sick.

Moreover, the risk of getting sick before the age of 55 was 86% greater. Men with higher sperm counts tend to use IVF, which is more effective in these cases. Among these, the risk of getting sick was 33% higher than the average.

The risk of getting sick before the age of 55 was 51% higher. A connection between the gravity of infertility and the risk of developing prostate cancer is therefore evident. According to Professor Alla Pacey, a low sperm count could be a warning signal. Having few spermatozoa could indicate a greater predisposition to cancer. It should therefore push the men in question to change their lifestyle and increase the number of controls.