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The crowdfunding helps children with rare genetic diseases

The Telethon Foundation has launched a crowdfunding to help families with children with rare genetic diseases. Within six weeks, the initiative raised 58,000 euros. The money will go to the "Come home" support program.

"Home like" is a support program for families with children affected by rare diseases. Every year, thousands of children from all over the world come to the San Raffaele Telethon Institute in Milan to undergo gene therapy. Parents and brothers accompany them, forced to leave home for long periods and to return to Milan regularly for checks.

The idea of ​​the initiative is to help these families from all over the world feel at home. The Telethon Foundation helps parents and children to settle down and build their own nest. This way, they can experience therapy with greater serenity and no side-effects. The serene climate and family proximity are also beneficial to the success of the treatments.

The campaign is called "Go Away" and started last September 11, ending on Sunday, October 15. Telethon has thus accompanied the children in their return to school, a significant step for those who suffer from rare genetic disease. It is in fact a moment in which fears and hopes for the future are met.

The organizers are proud of the results obtained with this first crowdfunding. He has shown that Italians are ready to support research in all ways, even with this tool.