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Drugs against ADHD are dangerous in pregnancy?

According to two studies, drugs for attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) could increase the risk of anomalies if they are pregnant. Their intake is due to a modest increase in perinatal and plancenter abnormalities. But the authors warn: the risks of untreated ADHD could be greater.

In some cases, medications are essential to controlling the symptoms of attention deficit. Only in this way can it be ensured that the mother pays due attention to her own health and that of the child. Conversely, untreated disorder could lead to increased stress and risky behaviors for the fetus as well.

Dr. Jacqueline M. Cohen points out that the risk rate caused by drugs does not justify abstinence from treatment. In fact, this is a small increase, especially if you consider the risks caused by some untreated forms of ADHD. The important thing is for the future mother to undergo constant screening to identify any complications for a while.

The second study was led by Dr. Nörby. The Swedish physician analyzed the data of 964,734 newborns, including 1591 exposed to prenatal ADHD drugs. Others 9475 were the children of women who used drugs before pregnancy, but not during. Data showed a higher rate of newborn infants in the first group. There have also emerged several cases of central nervous system disorders.

Compared to women with ADHD who did not undergo treatment, women who had continued to take the medications were healthier. There were fewer cases of obesity, nicotine abuse, or drugs. All the differences that contributed to a healthier pregnancy. Doctors then noted an increase in drug-related risk, but with a decrease in those related to other factors.