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Prenatal exposure to paracetamol reduces fertility?

Taking paracetamol in pregnancy could affect the fertility of the offspring. This is what emerges from an article by Dr. David Kristensen, of the University of Copenhagen. The researcher analyzed three studies on rodents, in which pregnant females took paracetamol. All have shown a decline in the fertility of offspring, especially in females.

Paracetamol is a painkiller commonly used in pregnancy. Recent studies have highlighted possible links to some complications, including fertility problems in offspring. In the tests analyzed, the females exposed to paracetamol in prenatal age were born with less oocytes. This has caused greater difficulties in conceiving, especially going forward with the years. Similar effects may also be present in humans, although further testing will be needed.

For the moment there are no such studies on human beings, so it is unclear whether there is a link between paracetamol and decline in fertility. In order to clarify this point too, it will be necessary to analyze data from human studies. Meanwhile, Dr. Kristensen advises not to overdo paracetamol in pregnancy and seek advice from the doctor in case of pain.