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Pollution is the leading cause of male infertility

The data show that pollution is the leading cause of male infertility. It is estimated that the number of sperm produced by each man has halved in the last 30 years. According to some participants at the Florence congress on PMA, the situation could even get worse. As exposure to fine particles increases, in fact, the risk of male infertility also increases.

The possible threats to male fertility are much more than what we tend to imagine. Thin powders cause about 60% of male infertility problems. The problem affects in particular men who live in large cities, or are exposed to large quantities of pollutants. The Pescia area in the province of Pistoia, for example, is very interested in the pollution caused by fertilizers and fertilizers. This was reported by Professor Luca Mencaglia of the PMA center of the South-East Asl Tuscany.

But there are also other factors among the culprits. Smoking and alcohol are among the main causes of infertility, together with pollution. Excessive exposure to heat and radiation can also be a problem, especially for workers and cooks. Furthermore, the plastic used for the packaging of water and food is another risk factor for both women and men. If left in the sun, water bottles can release synthetic estrogens. In the long run, these can cause infertility.