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Is losing weight during pregnancy safe?

Gaining weight during pregnancy is completely normal. Women who are already very overweight, however, may wonder if this affects gestation. According to many studies the answer is yes. In the case of severe overweight or obesity, one wonders if losing weight during pregnancy is safe.

Rather than going on a diet, doctors advise taking the right nutrients and doing physical activity. In theory, in fact, we should lose weight before the gestation begins. Slimming diets over the course of nine months may be harmful to the child. It is true however that, in the case of obesity, the woman should not gain further weight. The fetus can in fact use body fat already present as an energy reserve.

When a woman does not gain weight from pregnancy, she is actually burning fat reserves. At the end of pregnancy, therefore, it should weigh less than at the beginning. This, however, without leading to a real diet, with weight loss during pregnancy. It is important that the future mother eats in a healthy and regular manner. At most, very overweight women may not need to increase their daily calorie intake.

A healthy diet and exercise are the best way to avoid gaining weight in pregnancy, in the case of obesity. Everything must always be done on the advice of your doctor, who will have to give instructions on the best activities for the future mother. Except in special cases, 30 minutes a day of walking will be just fine.