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Migraine in pregnancy could increase the risk of complications

Those who suffer from migraine headaches often experience a decrease in symptoms during pregnancy. Nevertheless, frequent headaches during pregnancy could be linked to complications. Suffering women have higher risks of miscarriage, high blood pressure, preterm labor.

Researchers at Aarhus University in Denmark say this. According to the study, women with migraine headaches are more likely to experience complications. Even their children are more at risk and are prone to respiratory problems and seizures.

To prove it, the scientists used Danish records to identify over 22,000 pregnant women with migraine headaches. They compared the data with about 200,000 women who do not suffer from the problem. The caesarean sections are 25% more common among women with migraine. The researchers used the data to verify the effectiveness of any treatments against these complications. The treatment of migraine seems to reduce many of the problems mentioned above and is not linked to further complications. An important discovery for the many women who suffer from this problem, who can take appropriate drugs without worries.

The study involves millions of women: the rate of migraines mainly affects women. The cause is still unknown, although it is probably linked to stress and hormonal changes. Paradoxically, for pregnant women migraine is less annoying and even more dangerous. In spite of the many future mothers who see an improvement in their symptoms, there are just as many who run into problems seen.