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Hungary offers free IVF for everyone

Hungary will offer free in vitro fertilization treatments to all couples who need it. This was announced by the Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orban. The measure aims to combat the democratic decline that the nation is going through, which has been getting worse and worse for four decades now.

To date, the birth rate in Hungary is 1.48 children per woman. Like other countries, Hungary is also facing demographic decline with policies to encourage the rise in births. For example, heavy tax relief is provided for women with four children or more. Starting this year, the benefits could also be extended to women with three children. However, further incentives are needed for the Prime Minister.

The current government aims to make population growth the main target of Hungary. This means support for families with many children, incentives for those who have children and aid for those who cannot conceive. Free in vitro fertilization treatments fall within this latter type of policy.

In December, the Hungarian government took control of six fertility clinics. The structures will be managed by the state and will be made available to couples with problems conceiving. Although the launch of the initiative is scheduled for February, it is still unclear which couples will be entitled to free treatments and which ones will not.